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We have created an incubator for businesses to organize their specialties and trades. The goal is growth. We have proven results that help businesses streamline disjointed processes and focus resources where needed most. We create safety and health plans, employee handbooks, payroll set up and staff support and most importantly help you write your contracts to effectively relay your qualifications and capacity to perform.

The goal of putting all of these resources in place is to allow business owners/ officers and key personnel to focus on training and resources to provide necessary certifications relative to the work being performed. There is a shift to Green Building and Construction and We are certified in single family and multifamily building analysis. We can guide businesses that want to capitalize on the trend in sustainable materials, waste management, energy conservation measures, pollution prevention, green fleets and transportation, etc. 

Back Office Support

We offer and advise CPA services including Federal and Local Tax returns, Schedule C’s that improve readability for the end user to find the business’ annual revenue. We will help differentiate and maintain separation between business and personal finances and tax returns. We assist with a basic understanding of the Schedule C, helping business owners understand the significance of the stability of the company and its importance to the applicable vendors and the financial reliability of the company as it relates to potential clients. Liquidity is paramount, and ultimately determines the company’s ability to meet payroll and bridge between the purchase of materials and the work performed and the bridge in between completion of the project, work order submitted and paid to reimburse vendors, replenishing credit lines and managing balances owed. Our CPA services help enable businesses monitor and evaluate outgoing expenses, compared to incoming sales and revenue to achieve profitability.

Proposal Development

In many instances, contracts and grants are written in such jargon that can be confusing to those capable of performing the requested services. We help owners and administrators simplify contract/ grant requirements to craft a proper and effective response. We assist businesses in answering RFPs, RFQs, RFAs etc. We help organize responses that meet business needs, providing the service(s) and overall ease of readability of the response by making the information, qualifications, performance, and capacity easy to digest. We recognize when a business owner, staff has sufficient expertise in an industry, it may be challenging to quantify those skills. This is where we provide value. 

Legal Support

We will provide necessary professional(s) for general liability business insurance, bondability, and proper business and corporate attorneys relative to buying, selling goods and services.

Project Management

We can help you disburse the work, understand personal responsibility from the top of your organization throughout. We will work alongside businesses to create a timeline to better meet deadlines, effectively manage purchase and delivery times, coordinate resources necessary for installation and quality compliance as well as permitting and inspections. We can create an organizational chart to provide to all employees to understand and adhere to the chain of command.

Internal Systems Development & CRM

There are many applications and systems to streamline work and improve productivity. We will assist in the establishment of virtual meeting creation and organization Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc, project management (images and pictures of field work) PROCORE, project management tools ie GANTT, Google Docs, Excel etc.

Contact management, sales funnels, pipeline management, workflow automation, AI-powered conversational assistant, task management, managing marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, customer support & service, inventory management, reporting & analytics, and seamlessly integrating to help manage your clients.