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Construction & Remodeling

Project Management and General Contracting Be profitable on any project Real Estate investing and development can look easy. However with out the proper tools, it is common to go over schedule and budget. Allow us to manage your project from acquisition to turnkey rental or sale. We will reduce inventory waste, increase profitability by managing expenses and time. We have the connections to get you the necessary financing, keeping more your cash in your pocket, reducing construction time, and alleviating budget overruns.

We can manage Single and Multi-family acquisition and construction. We have purchase contracts and templates and offer prices based on property and use and profitability metrics. We have licensed and bonded general contractors and tradesmen with over 20 yrs of construction management.

We utilize a proven construction schedule templates to assess deliverables and dependencies, an investment pro-forma that show construction costs including labor, materials, soft and hard costs at a glance.

Property Management

We are capable of  full service property management with single and multi-family properties. We implement resident background checks, income and credit verification as well as tenant onboarding with automation, digital access to rental agreements online payment services and correspondence. We offer full service common space maintenance and third-party vendor services including but not limited to utility and carrier providers, trash collection, pest control management, and landscaping. In the event of an investment in occupied real property we provide tenant management relocation if necessary based on purchase and/ or acquisition or landlord transition. We facilitate all resident structures including limited equity cooperative creation or condo conversion. We work alongside of Community Based Organizations to support tenant advocacy, tenant association creation services in an effort to empower residents to take ownership of their apartment homes during and after any landlord, property management transitions. We encourage techniques that provide opportunities for the best working relationship of both parties.

As Project managers, we offer our expertise at conception of the project to maximize profitability with effective and precise construction estimating, bid request templates, reviewing insurance and bondage coverage and requirements site maintenance and management, construction site management including personal protective equipment, and safety management alongside OSHA standards. We have templates for third party operating procedures and employee handbooks.

Our team can facilitate permitting and licensing services, expedited processing professional occupation validation and risk management regarding building codes.

Advertising & Marketing

Your company’s brand and mission needs to be clear and concise. With each endeavor and pivot, the conveyance and communication is essential to market and promote any product and service. We will help create and design company and campaign logos, combining them with branding colors with thoughtful and cultural consideration for the target audience.

We offer web design with search engine optimization, and layer the content and foundation to translate to social and digital awareness with organic growth for mass consumption. We aim to grab client ‘buy-in’ and brand awareness that convey our clients services and products in the most digestible form.

Technical Support

We develop product and service pricing. Templates for invoice and contract creation for third party vendors and clients. We party with insurance and bonding providers, accountants to provide document resources and readily available profit and loss, balance sheet, and income statements. We will help educate our clients to reverse engineer their ability to minimize expenses and increase profitability to scale and grow any and every aspect of all businesses. We will help with client coordination and scheduling automation.


We want our clients to spend their energy on the direction of the business, not the minutiae. We simplify the nuances by utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) with a combination of practices, strategies and technologies that allow our clients to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. Our goal is to improve customer service relationships between our clients and their base. Our aim is to assist in customer retention and drive sales growth.

Whether you are a renter or landlord, both parties have rights. We specialize in creating the best situation for all involved. Whether you want to buy your apartment or stay in your apartment, WE can help.

We are here to help you exercise your rights for maximum profit.


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Construction can be intimidating, unless you find the right contractors for the right job. Controlling cost and guiding execution to completion... that is our goal.

We will match you with contractors, insurance carriers, contractors,
loan officers who to control cost. We will set a budget and timeline, then help you stick to it.

Design & Build


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Homeowners: We want to work with you to design the finished project as you intended.

Tenants:  Your apartment home is your home. Change is stressful, however we will walk you through your next steps and your rights.




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